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Zeppelin-cover-October-4-Friedrichhafen-to-Chicago-via-Rio-de-Janeiro-postal-history-flight-with-C-18-stamp ZEPPELIN COVER - OCTOBER 4 FRIEDRICHHAFEN TO CHICAGO VIA RIO DE JANEIRO POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT WITH C-18 STAMP

Small cover with South America triangle marking. Rio de Janeiro backstamp on back.  Cover has vertical crease down center. Does not affect stamp or markings other than the Varrick St. dial.

Zeppelin-cover-October-6-Miami-to-Chicago-postal-history-flight-with-C-18-stamp ZEPPELIN COVER - OCTOBER 6 MIAMI TO CHICAGO POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT WITH C-18 STAMP

Good flight cover with Chicago backstamp.

Zeppelin-flight-card-South-America-flight-1930-postal-history-card-to-Switzerland-with-C-13-stamp ZEPPELIN FLIGHT CARD - 1930 POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT WITH C-13 STAMP

Clean card with correct postal markings. Card originated in USA with final destination of Zurich, Switzerland. See image of reverse of card with violet Baquera, Kusche & Martin, SA, Seville, Spain rubber stamp marking.

Zeppelin-flight-postal-card-Lakehurst-Friedrichshafen-to-Lakehurst-postal-history-flight-1930-with-C-13-stamp ZEPPELIN FLIGHT POSTAL CARD - 1930 POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT WITH C-13 STAMP

Very nice centering on this stamp on Martha Washington reply postal card. Message of Greetings from noted philatelist Vahan Mozian on reverse.

Zeppelin-flight-postcard-Lakehurst-Friedrichshafen-to-Lakehurst-postal-history-flight-1930-with-C-13-stamp ZEPPELIN FLIGHT POSTCARD - 1930 POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT WITH C-13 STAMP

Very nicely centered stamp on this flight postcard. Unidentified country scene on reverse. Message written in German.

Zeppelin-postcard-1929-New-York-to-Friedrichhafen-around-the-world-postal-history-flight ZEPPELIN POSTCARD - 1929 AROUND THE WORLD FLIGHT POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT COVER: LAKEHURST TO GERMANY

Card originated in New Jersey and has a view of a Camden library on the image side.  Written in German. Very good condition.