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World-War-I-soldier's-mail-censor-postal-history-cover-with-postage-due-stamps-rare WORLD WAR I SOLDIER'S MAIL CENSOR COVER WITH J52 POSTAGE DUE STAMPS AND SCARCE DUE MARKING. SEE DESCRIPTION.

Highly collectible cover in many respects. Due 4 cents in circle mark is scarce. That mark was applied in New York. Censored military mail from overseas. Postage due stamps were applied at Ludlow MA, and postmarked with rectangular marks. This identifies the cover as being mailed before the US entered WWI and as having been mailed by a US volunteer soldier serving in another country's armed forces. 


Full Quincy Illinois postmark with 5 rate mark, both in black.  This is late use of the postmark with the high "s".  Letter is from Moore, Morton & Co., land agents to Dr. J. N. Hall regarding the sale of land he owns in Quincy.  He has an offer less than he wants and agent wants to know if he should proceed. Easy to read. Letter in excellent condition with no separations and only small tear where seal was broken.  Vertical fold does not affect anything.

boston-packet-boat-24-cent-rate-england-to-boston-to-madison-indiana-stampless-postal-history TRANSATLANTIC COVER - ENGLAND TO BOSTON TO MADISON INDIANA. GOOD 1865 BOSTON PKT US NOTES MARK

Well worn cover from Dundee Scotland via Queenstown seaport to Boston and on to Madison Indiana. Clear and full Boston 24 PKT US 31 Notes mark (#891). Unusual and desirable mark. Also, 19 cents mark. Cover has no backflap and is open on two and a half sides.

new-market-virginia-1840-stampless-folded-letter-postal-history-to-bucyrus-ohio NEW MARKET VIRGINIA 1840 POSTAL HISTORY STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO BUCYRUS OHIO. PROMINENT NAMES

Strong and full postmark on this letter from prominent New Market businessman John Strayer to his lawyer and friend Franklin Adams in Bucyrus Ohio.  The Strayer name is well known in New Market with the family having members who served in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  The Strayer House is a tourist attraction in the community.  Franklin Adams was also highly regarded as an attorney in Ohio whose practice spanned 70 years. The SFL is in excellent conditon and the letter is easy to read.  Strayer has asked Adams the status of a collection he has retained him to make.  Note 18 3/4 cent rate from Virginia to Ohio.

walpole new hampshire postal history stampless folded letter to northfield massachusetts WALPOLE NEW HAMPSHIRE STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO NORTHFIELD MASSACHUSETTS

Full postmark with PAID 5 all in blue.  No content. Good condition without tears.

washington-railroad-1840-57-stampless-ladies-postal-history-cover-to-godfrey-illinois WASHINGTON RAILROAD 1840-57 STAMPLESS LADIES POSTAL HISTORY COVER TO GODFREY ILLINOIS - RARE

Blue Washington RailRd postmark on this stampless cover to Godfrey, Illinois.  Blue 10-cent rate.  Ladies cover in good tears, clean break where seal was broken.  Strike quite good for this rare postal history postmark.

charlestown-massachusetts-1848-stampless-folded-letter-postal-history-to-terriffville-connecticut CHARLESTOWN MASSACHUSETTS 1848 STAMPLESS FOLDED POSTAL HISTORY LETTER TO TERIFFVILLE CONNECTICUT

Letter writer H. Bemus badly misspells town letter is addressed to as Tarriffvill.  Letter is to William B. Cowles, whose family had a store in Worthington, Connecticut and whose relatives operated the Cowles Manufacturing Company, East Granby, CT., manufacturer of spoons, and it is claimed was the first to make a practical success of electric plating.  Bemus laments losing his business partner and that a potential investor has no experience in his retail business.  He wants Cowles to become his partner.  Good content.  Letter easy to read and in excellent condition.

philadelphia-pennsylvania-1851-stampless-folded-letter-postal-history-to-alexandria-virginia PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA 1851 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA

Interesting letter from Mason's Challenge Blacking -- black and blue writing ink -- Philadelphia's primary purveyors of ink products in the mid-1800s.  Because of rapid expansion, they were no longer sending sales reps into the field, rather they were soliciting business via correspondence.  Beauitiful penmanship.  Would be premier item save for the ragged bottom of the first page. Still, nice historic postal history item. Mailed to Henry & Douglass, Alexandria, VA.


Strong postmark with manuscript paid 3 at upper right. Attractive cover. Unlisted in ASCC for either manuscript or postmark stampless use. Cover addressed to Aaron A. Hinkley, Boston, Mass.


Good postmark. Black circle 5 rate mark indicates 1840-53 usage.  Two small smudges at right.