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providence-rhode-island-1841-stampless-folded-letter-bales-of-cotton PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND 1841 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER REGARDING SHIPMENT OF 62 BALES OF COTTON

Letter sent to William B. Whipple, :Providence RI, from C. H. Dabney informing him that Dabney has shipped 62 bales of cotton on the sloop Rhode Island. He draws the bale marking for identification and says the lot can be insured.  Adds a personal note that he doesn't have time to write his wife and asks Whipple to ask her some questions for him.  Letter in very good condition. Light but full Providence postmark. Dabney was an agent for Brown & Ives, Providence, RI., dry goods commission agents, cotton brokers and merchants.

canton-connecticut-manuscript-stampless-folded-letter CANTON CONNECTICUT 1840 MANUSCRIPT STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER

Note from N. Dyer to J.J. Moore & Co., informing them that he has spent the money he owes them elsewhere.  However, he will pay interest on the balance and send them $100 a month "which will be a little better than nothing".  Strong manuscript mark with manuscript 5 rate. 

stratford-connecticut-1848-manuscript-stampless-folded-letter STRATFORD CONNECTICUT 1848 MANUSCRIPT STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER

Strong manuscript May 9 postmark along with manuscript Paid and 5.  Sent to Robert Schmylis, New York City by Hamilton Burton New Haven Railroad Agent.

stratford-connecticut-1842-manuscript-stampless-folded-letter STRATFORD CONNECTICUT 1942 MANUSCRIPT STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER

Very clean stampless folded letter.  No content. Addressed to P.C. Herrick, New Haven town clerk.  Sent by Rev. James Linsley. The Rev. James Harvey Linsley was an ordained Baptist Church minister serving Stratford. He opened a mission at the lower wharf wholly at his own expense.

Andover Massachusetts 1855 stampless postal history cover to Kennebunk Maine ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS 1855 STAMPLESS POSTAL HISTORY COVER TO KENNEBUNK MAINE

Full blue postmark with PAID 3 blue rate mark as well.  No contents. 

Paris France to England 1854 postal history cover with Scott #18 pair PARIS FRANCE 1854 COVER TO SCARBOROUGH ENGLAND WITH PAIR OF SCOTT #18 STAMPS

Nice array of postal markings on this cover including Scarborough receiver on reverse.  Imperf pair was creased, but seldom found as a pair on cover. Notation at bottom left says: If Mr. Prince has left Scarborough the Post Master is requested to forward this letter to him.

washington-city-dc-1845-stampless-folded-letter-to-philadelphia WASHINGTON CITY DC 1845 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO PHILADELPHIA

Light but clear red postmark and numeral 5 rate. No content. SFL was folded down middle. Average condition.

charleston-south-carolina-1850-stampless-folded-letter-to-auburn-maine CHARLESTON SOUTH CAROLINA 1850 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO AUBURN MAINE

Brief note in a stampless folded letter that contained a check paying an invoice.  Clear 1850 red postmark of the line over 10 variety. 

boston-massachusetts-1830-stampless-folded-letter-to-cuttingsville-vermont BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS 1830 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO CUTTINGSVILLE VERMONT

Nice early letter to B. Brown in Cuttingsville, VT, regarding apology for not paying debt, Samuel Guile is the writer.  Guile was a contractor and borrowed the money to buy supplies for a construction job.  His client, in turn, has not paid him.  He is sending $50 for a smaller note Brown holds and a deposit on a larger, undisclosed, amount. Clean SFL.

gilford-new-hampshire-stampless-cover-to-hanover-nh GILFORD NEW HAMPSHIRE STAMPLESS COVER TO HANOVER NEW HAMPSHIRE

Blue postmark along with blue PAID and 5 markings.  Addressed to Mrs. Priscilla Whipple. Tear in upper left enters postmark. Cover in fair condition.