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lynn-massachusetts-date-paid-in-postmark-cover-to-flint-woburn-mass-postal-history LYNN MASSACHUSETTS COVER WITH 1858 DATE AND PAID IN POSTMARK. SCOTT #26

Unusual postmark on this cover addressed to Frederick Flint, Woburn, MA. Top perfs on stamp nibbled.

new-york-city-advertising-cover-trask-leeds-merchants-to-beers-roxbury-ny-postal-history NEW YORK CITY 1861 TRASK & LEEDS MERCHANTS ADVERTISING 1861 COVER TO ROXBURY NY. 2 SCOTT#26

Two distinctly different Scott #26 stamps on this cover. Right stamp is sharp and clear. Left stamp indicates overinked press. Both adorn a roughly opened all-over advertising cover for Jas. W. Trask & Co. (Jas. H. Leeds) produce commission merchants butter, cheese, lard and provisions, 236 Front Street, New York.

lockport-new-york-to-albany-flexter-postal-history LOCKPORT NEW YORK 1850S COVER TO ALBANY. POST OFFICE FRESH SCOTT #26 STAMP

Almost looks like a philatelically prepared cover. Full Lockport postmark ties the stamp to cover very cleanly. Stamp looks like it was purchased yesterday. Clean cover. Straight edge at top of stamp.

northampton-massachusetts-abbott-eaton-ohio-inventor-postal-history NORTHAMPTON MASSACHUSETTS COVER TO L. C. ABBOTT, EATON, OHIO, INVENTOR OF THE SCHOOL DESK

Clean cover with strong Northampton Massachusetts postmark and good looking Scott #26 stamp. Cover addressed to Mr L. C. Abbott in Eaton Ohio. Online records indicate Abbott was the inventor of the school desk.

new-york-city-civil-war-era-cover-to-justice-of-the-peace-burgess-washington-dc-postal-history NEW YORK CITY 1861 CIVIL WAR ERA COVER TO RICHARD BURGESS, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, WASHINGTON DC

Two Scott #26 stamps on this cover, roughly opened at right top. Cover is addressed to Richard Burgess who was appointed a Justice of the Peace by Abraham Lincoln and William Seward.

wilton-connecticut-reverend-willard-willimantic-ct-star-of-david-postal-history WILTON CONNECTICUT 1860 COVER TO REV. S G WILLARD, WILLIMANTIC CONNECTICUT. SEE STAMP. STAR OF DAVID ON BACKFLAP

Outstanding cover. Full Wilton Connecticut postmark cancels Scott #26 stamp. Stamp is post office fresh and postmark is about as perfect as you'll ever find for this time period. Cover is extremely clean. Star of David on backflap suggests correspondence between two clergymen. No content.

hillsborough-pennsylvania-civil-war-era-postal-history-cover-to-judge-russell-russell-gettysburg-pa HILLSBOROUGH PENNSYLVANIA DEAD POST OFFICE CIVIL WAR ERA COVER TO JUDGE SAMUEL RUSSELL, GETTYSBURG PA

Interesting cover from a number of viewpoints. First, addressed to Judge Samuel R. Russell. Second, note difference in size and color of the two Scott #65 stamps. The left stamp is considerably smaller due to close perfs. The right stamp is much lighter in color, possibly rose. And finally, there is an incomplete Hillsborough PA dead post office postmark -- a premium DPO. Judge Samuel Riddle Russell, b. 21 June 1801 Gettysburg PA; lawyer, judge, graduated Princeton.


Very clean cover with Scott #65 stamp (well centered for issue). John French & Son dealers in flour, corn & fish - lumber &C embossed advertisement on back flap. Note postmark, with French selling lumber, it looks like a fancy cancel tree. Sent to Mount Mariah Chapter of Masons in Bangor Maine.

haverhill-massachusetts-milford-new-hampshire-conant-postal-history HAVERHILL MASSACHUSETTS SOCK ON THE NOSE 1850S BLUE POSTMARK TO MILFORD NEW HAMPSHIRE. SCOTT 26A STAMP

Nice Scott #26A stamp with light blue Haverhill Massachusetts postmark on this cover to Milford, NH. Looks like writer has placed his/her initials in the lower left corner.

high-point-nc-first-flight-cover-missent-railroad-postmark-postal-history HIGH POINT NORTH CAROLINA 1928 FIRST FLIGHT COVER TO PHILADELPHIA - MISSENT - RAILROAD POSTMARK & MORE

Excellent first flight cover with a lot going for it in terms of postal markings and franking.  First it is a first flight cover from High Point, NC, sent to Portland OR. It has a Philadelphia receiver on the back which fills the first flight leg. There is also a Chicago Air Mail postmark on the back which may explain the MISSENT mark on the front.  A Baker & Portland RPO mark on the front shows it is headed to Oregon and delivery. The type III Washington 3-cent stamp is a plate number single...8588. The 2-cent Omaha has a printer tab and there is a 1-cent Columbian and 1-cent Franklin added on for good measure.  The flight is 19N7.