Description Price
hawaii-1942-army-censor-cover-to-astoria-new-york-with-cachet HAWAII -- WORLD WAR II 1942 ARMY APO CENSOR COVER TO ASTORIA NEW YORK

Attractive cover from member of 165th infantry soldier. Censor mark with censor officer's signature. APO 962 is for Hanapepe Kauai Hawaii.

saudi-arabia-early-postal-history-cover-to-glenbrook-connecticut-with-good-stamps SAUDI ARABIA -- EARLY POSTAL HISTORY COVER TO GLENBROOK CONNECTICUT WITH GOOD STAMPS

Cover includes Scott #163, #C4 and postal tax stamp #RA6 combination.  Small tear lower left side.

italy-1924-christmas-greeting-to-annapolis-with-gift-calendar-inside ITALY -- 1924 CHRISTMAS GREETING TO ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND WITH GIFT INSIDE

Stamps on the cover are low value Scott #87 and #105.  The true value is in the content.  A year calender booklet is enclosed with ornate artwork.  It was produced in English by Florence Italy merchant Baccani.

germany-two-1800s-postal-history-german-states-items GERMANY --LOT OF TWO GERMAN STATES 1800S POSTAL HISTORY ITEMS

Bavaria Postal card has O52 x 2, O55 and O61 stamps plus postal card 20-mark imprint.  North German Federation folded letter has Scott #16 franking.

germany-four-postal-history-covers GERMANY -- LOT OF FOUR BETTER POSTAL HISTORY COVERS

Attractive covers with good stamps including Vienna Postal Congress set, Newsaper stamp set, 1888 folded letter and semi-postal pair.

great-britain-3-1800s-newspaper-postal-stationery-wrappers GREAT BRITAIN -- 3 1800S NEWSPAPER POSTAL STATIONERY WRAPPERS

WP 17 x 2 and WP 19 newspaper wrappers used. All sent to Baltimore Maryland.  Postmarks indicate ports of exit from England and Scotland.

boston-1944-marines-recruitment-cover-with-art MASSACHUSETTS -- BOSTON 1944 US MARINES RECRUITMENT ADVERTISING COVER WITH ART

Fresh official cover with Marines recruitment art.  Penalty for private use deleted and postage FREE noted, perhaps an illegal use.

boston-1915-packard-automobile-adverting-cover MASSACHUSETTS -- BOSTON 1915 PACKARD MOTOR CAR ADVERTISING POSTAL HISTORY COVER

Clean cover advertising Packard automobiles sent by dealer and past Massachusetts Governor Alvin T. Fuller.

new-york-city-american-sugar-refining-company-1928-domino-sugar-advertising-postal-history-cover NEW YORK -- NEW YORK CITY 1928 AMERICAN SUGAR REFINING COMPANY DOMINO SUGAR ADVERTISING POSTAL HISTORY COVER WITH DOMINO ART ON BACK

Clean cover with Domino Sugar product label rendering on back.  

toledo-ohio-1920-toledo-cooker-advertising-postal-history-cover-with-blue-art OHIO -- TOLEDO 1920 TOLEDO COOKER CO. ADVERTISING POSTAL HISTORY COVERS (2) WITH FULL ART

Two advertising covers with attractive artwork.  Both covers have some damage.  Both have blue rendering of the Cooker factory on the back.  Also included is a bill head for the company.