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Zeppelin-cover-October-23-Miami-to-Chicago-postal-history-flight-with-C-18-stamp ZEPPELIN COVER - OCTOBER 23 MIAMI TO CHICAGO POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT WITH C-18 STAMP

Century of Progress flight from Miami to Chicago. Chicago receiver on back. Slight age toning.

Zeppelin-cover-October-28-Akron-to-Chicago-via-Friedrichhafen-postal-history-flight-with-C-18-stamp ZEPPELIN COVER - OCTOBER 28 AKRON TO CHICAGO VIA FRIEDRICHHAFEN POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT WITH C-18 STAMP

Good cover with extra leg through Germany. New York backstamp as well.

Zeppelin-cover-October-6-Miami-to-Chicago-postal-history-flight-with-C-18-stamp ZEPPELIN COVER - OCTOBER 6 MIAMI TO CHICAGO POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT WITH C-18 STAMP

Good flight cover with Chicago backstamp.

zeppelin-covers-for-sale-german-american-european-south-american-flights ZEPPELIN COVERS

We have a large selection of zeppelin flight covers for sale.  Flights from Germany, Europe, the United States, Middle East, Japan, South America.  Good cachets and postmarks including on-board. Few with content. Please let us know the flight(s) you need.  There's a good chance we have it in stock. Prices start around $50 and up. The illustrated covers are franked with US C13-15 plate number singles.  Price for these covers is $1,200.

Zeppelin-flight-card-South-America-flight-1930-postal-history-card-to-Switzerland-with-C-13-stamp ZEPPELIN FLIGHT CARD - 1930 POSTAL HISTORY FLIGHT WITH C-13 STAMP

Clean card with correct postal markings. Card originated in USA with final destination of Zurich, Switzerland. See image of reverse of card with violet Baquera, Kusche & Martin, SA, Seville, Spain rubber stamp marking.