Description Price
new-york-city-1941-cover-to-sweden-with-scott-#c-24-stamp NEW YORK CITY 1941 COVER TO SWEDEN WITH SCOTT #C-24 AIRMAIL STAMP

Small cover to Sweden where it was forwarded from Stockholm to Solborg. Two full Grand Central Annex postmarks. Tied 30-cent airmail stamp.

germany-1844-stampless-folded-letter-Coeln-to-London-via-france GERMANY - COELN 1844 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO LONDON VIA FRANCE

Clean business correspondence.  Note rate marks on both front and reverse of this stampless folded letter.

shanghai-china-1914-postal-history-cover-to-finland-via-siberia CHINA - SHANGHAI 1914 POSTAL HISTORY COVER TO FINLAND VIA SIBERIA

Cover was originally business size and has been reduced on both sides.  Open on both sides and bottom, probably for display purposes.  Attractive cover with correct postal markings for Siberia route. 

hamburg-germany-1847-stampless-folded-letter-to-london GERMANY - HAMBURG 1847 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO LONDON

Clean stampless folded letter.  Two PAID marks. 

falkland-islands-1964-and-1969-first-day-covers FALKLAND ISLANDS 1964 AND 1969 FIRST DAY COVERS

Scott #150-153 and #180-183 complete set first day covers. First set commemorates the battle of the Falkland Islands and the second set commemorates the anniversary of the government air service.

arbon-switzerland-1987-tourism-bicentennial-souvenir-sheet-first-day-cover ARBON SWITZERLAND - 1987 TOURISM BICENTENNIAL SOUVENIR SHEET CACHET FIRST DAY COVER

Switzerland Scott #816a souvenir sheet on this first day cover for the four-day Phila '87 Cultura event marking the 200th anniversary of Switzerland's tourism industry.  Mailed to Swampscott, Massachusetts. 

monaco-1955-postal-history-royal-stationery-cover-to-cardinal-francis-spellman-new-york-city MONACO -- 1955 POSTAL HISTORY ROYAL STATIONERY COVER TO CARDINAL FRANCIS SPELLMAN NEW YORK CITY

Business-size envelope with Prince of Monaco seal upper left and Monaco Couronne du Blason Mediterranee postmark.  Addressed to Cardinal Francis Spellman, New York City...quite possible a communication from Grace Kelly. No content in envelope. Monaco Scott #339 stamp affixed.

marseilles-france-1939-yankee-clipper-first-flight-cover-to-new-york-city MARSEILLES FRANCE 1939 YANKEE CLIPPER FIRST FLIGHT COVER TO NEW YORK CITY

Very clean cover with France Scott #s 346 and 650 stamps on cacheted first flight cover from Marseilles to New York City.  Silhouette of flying boat was added to this cover at a later date.

chicago-illionois-1910-postcard-shortrated-to-london-england-with-t-1/30-postage-due-mark CHICAGO ILLINOIS 1910 POSTCARD SHORTRATED TO LONDON ENGLAND WITH T 1/30 POSTAGE DUE MARK

A postcard to Germany would have qualified for the two-cent rate. But, England still required five cents. Good auxiliary markings.  Pretty embossed postcard with birds and velvet flowers.  

wainwright-alaska-1949-via-dog-team-cover-to-chicago-illinois WAINWRIGHT ALASKA 1949 VIA DOG TEAM POSTAL HISTORY COVER TO CHICAGO ILLINOIS

Clean cover with Wainwright Alaska via dog team cachet and handstamp postmark.