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manchester-new-hampshire-1847-stampless-folded-letter-to-danies-osgood-franklin-nh NEW HAMPSHIRE - MANCHESTER 1847 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO DANIEL OSGOOD, FRANKLIN NH

Red postmark along with PAID and 5. Clean condition.  Content is interesting letter regarding a woman who was probably in debt to Osgood. A person named Stearn writes to say that a Mrs. G. White has gained employment and wishes to pay for items being held by Osgood and hopes that they haven't been sold.  More details in easy to read letter.

1930-german-steamship-bremen-catapult-cover-united-states-to-germany CATAPULT COVER - 1930 STEAMSHIP BREMEN CATAPULT COVER FROM UNITED STATES TO GERMANY

Extremely clean steamship Bremen 1930 catapult cover with strong auxiliary marks. United States to Germany voyage. Attractive airplane border.

beetown-wisconsin-stampless-cover-unlisted-color-and-rate-marks WISCONSIN - BEETOWN STAMPLESS COVER UNLISTED COLOR AND RATE MARKS

Full and clear black Beetown postmark with strong PAID 3 on cover to A. R. Peckham, in Pennsylvania.  Black color for this postmark is unlisted in ASCC.  

franklin-new-hampshire-stampless-folded-letter-to-concord-lawyer-arthur-fletcher NEW HAMPSHIRE - FRANKLIN 1844 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO ARTHUR FLETCHER

Bold, sharp, full Franklin postmark on this stampless folded letter (no content) to Arthur Fletcher, Concord attorney and graduate of Yale Class of 1837.

australia-woomera-s-a-1969-rocket-launch-cover-to-liverpool-england AUSTRALIA - WOOMERA S.A. 1969 ROCKET LAUNCH COVER TO LIVERPOOL ENGLAND

Cachet Europa Rocket cover mailed to Liverpool, England.

syria-scott-#331-and-#333-plus-revenues-on-cover SYRIA - SCOTT #331 AND #333 ON COVER

Revenue stamps used for postage on this cover from Damascus to Springfield Massachusetts.  UPU does not recognize revenues used for international mail.  No damage to stamps but envelope shows considerable wear.

newark-great-britain-1821-stampless-folded-letter-to-Reverend-robert-hall-in-westboro GREAT BRITAIN - NEWARK 1821 STAMPLESS FOLDED LETTER TO REV. ROBERT HALL IN WESTBORO

The value in this letter is the addressee.  The Rev. Robert Hall (May 2. 1764 – February 21, 1831) was an English Baptist minister. In 1791, he became pastor at St Andrew's Street Baptist Chapel Cambridge. Hall began to suffer from mental derangement in November 1804. He resumed his duties in April 1805, but a recurrence forced him to resign his pastoral office in March 1806. Later, he ministered a small congregation in Leicester. He was a great pulpit orator. In 1791, he wrote Christianity consistent with the Love of Freedom. In 1793, Apology for the Freedom of the Press; as well as On Modern Infidelity (1801), Reflections on War (1802 and Sentiments proper to the present Crisis (1803). Content of the letter is an accounting of funds.  Tear where seal was broken.

secretary-of-the-treasury-henry-morgenthau-autograph-on-1938-iowa-first-day-cover AUTOGRAPH - SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY HENRY MORGENTHAU AUTOGRAPH ON 1938 IOWA FIRST DAY COVER

Envelope is from his office as Secretary of the Treasury and has Iowa Centennial 1938 First Day of Issue stamp and postmark.  No content. Henry Morgenthau Jr. (May 11, 1891 – February 6, 1967) was the  Secretary of the Treasury during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He played a major role in designing and financing the New Deal. After 1937, while still in charge of the Treasury, he played the central role in financing US participation in World War II and in shaping foreign policy, especially with respect to Lend Lease, support for China, and helping Jewish refugees.

great-britain-scott-#22-plate-212-stamp-on-1876-london-to-whitby-cover GREAT BRITAIN - SCOTT #22 PLATE 212 STAMP ON 1876 LONDON TO WHITBY COVER

One of the few better plate number stamps on cover for this series. Light postmark. Catalog: $100

sydney-australia-1938-scott-#171a-first-day-cover-sidney-philatelic-expositon AUSTRALIA - SCOTT #171A ON FIRST DAY COVER FOR 1938 SYDNEY PHILATELIC EXPOSITION

Nice cover with Cinderella stamps for the Expo and for Australia's 150th anniversary.  Mailed to Canada.